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ESG... CSR... Greenwash... it's a jungle out there

Going Green is easier with HVO

Making your business greener without breaking the bank

Diesel is great...but not for the planet
Diesel engines are powerful and reliable, but they are also notorious polluters. Unfortunately, replacing diesel equipment with electric is sometimes impossible, or just too difficult and expensive. So how will your company meet its ESG targets?
We have the solution
Simply fill your diesel tank with Green Flash HVO. It is a 100% compatible diesel fuel that is produced from organic sources. It burns cleaner, with less soot, no sulfur and no aromatics. HVO can deliver up to 94% reduction in new greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
Green Flash is the easiest way to go green
There is no need to modify any equipment or storage. No paperwork or permits required. HVO can be mixed with regular diesel in any ratio, so you can start by mixing in HVO in a ratio that makes sense to your budget and your green ambitions.

The easiest, safest way to go green

94% LESS?

Are you sure?

Yes. Switching to HVO gives you up to 94% reduction in the emission of new greenhouse gases, starting from the moment you fill your tank with HVO and start your diesel engine.


But what do I have to do?

Well… nothing, really. HVO works just like traditional diesel. You don’t have to change your equipment or storage.


HVO doesn't sound like diesel

But it is diesel! HVO stands for Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, but it can be made from almost any organic matter. HVO is chemically virtually identical to traditional diesel – except that it is cleaner and 100% organic.

side effects?

There must be some…

Absolutely! Cleaner air, for one. HVO contains no sulfur and aromatics and burns with less soot and less noxious gasses. It delivers the same performance as regular diesel and requires no extra maintenance or equipment modification. As we like to say: it is exactly the same as diesel - only better.

Hang on...

HVO is more expensive, right?

Oh yes. Saving the planet will always have a price tag and HVO is actually the easiest, cheapest and most flexible way to start. HVO is a drop-in fuel, meaning it can be introduced gradually and mixed in the tank with (cheaper) regular diesel in any ratio.

We're only a small user

... and we don't use much diesel

Perfect! That means your fuel costs are only a small part of your operating budget, and switching to HVO won’t really hurt your bottom line, while still allowing you to make a veritable claim that your company is making an effort to reduce green house gases.

does anyone care?

...if we go green?

Of course! Having some kind – any kind - of meaningful CSR or ESG strategy is a business essential these days. It is often the first thing a potential supply chain partner or client will ask.

How do we show the world?

... that we are doing the right thing?

Green Flash has teamed up with PR and marketing company that will help you spread the good news to all your customers and potential new clients, with customized press releases, promotional materials, LinkedIn posts and more - all included in the package! It’s the perfect way to get the positive attention your business needs!

sound great!

how do I get started?

Easy. Just contact us and we will find the perfect solution for you. We can drop the HVO in your on-site storage tank or provide you with your own portable HVO tank.