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Does your company rent out, lease or sell diesel equipment?

We have a great deal for you


Diesel power is amazing and versatile – but there is no denying that diesel engines can be dirty. They use non-renewable fossil fuels and produce soot, smoke and dangerous chemicals. But is does not have to be like this. Any diesel engine can run on a clean and renewable HVO, produced from 100% organic sources.
If you rent or lease diesel-powered equipment, HVO offers you an amazing opportunity to make your business greener in a real and meaningful way. Simply by offering your clients the option to receive their equipment with a full tank of HVO instead of traditional diesel, you enable them to run a truly greener machine (with up to 94% reduction in new CO2 emissions) at the press of the start button. And for doing so, you look a bit greener yourself too!
Green Flash follows up with these customers and offers them continued delivery of HVO, as well as a great branding and PR package that helps them promote their continuous green efforts. All this positive news and business media exposure leads back to you as well. Your troublesome diesel is now an ambassador for change, and your diesel-based business is now an example of positive change. That is a brand value that is hard to beat these days.

how it works


Set up your Green Flash HVO storage next to your existing diesel fuel storage


Promote your new green option to your customers as an optional added value.


Deliver your equipment with a full tank of HVO - and you're done!

Get Recognition

Green Flash will follow up with the client and promote your green efforts.
Offer additional service

For your customers, it is as simple as checking a box on the contract.

Your company delivers the equipment with a full tank of HVO from the on-site storage units that Green Flash will provide for you, and we will take care of the rest.

Look Innovative

The additional cost of the HVO is negligible in comparison to the total rental/purchasing price, yet this simple action empowers your customer to take a meaningful green initiative with little effort - and you will be the one delivering it to them.

It makes you look innovative, customer-focused and, above all, like an environmentally responsible operator in the diesel-related service industry.

sit back and relax

We contact your customers directly with an offer to continue the delivery of HVO for their operations.

For long-term and large-volume customers, Green Flash and its marketing partner agency Look Right will provide a complete set of professional, customized marketing, branding and PR materials that will enable them to inform the business community and the general public about their green initiative.

Reap the Rewards

This additional service is especially relevant for smaller enterprises that do not have the in-house capabilities to turn this green initiative into a valuable PR strategy.

Your company and its equipment will be mentioned in these marketing and PR materials as well: on LinkedIn, on the web, on Social Media. With every Green Flash referral, you receive free exposure that highlights your commitment to a greener planet.


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