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energy transition through enterprise

about Green Flash

The Green Flash advantage

Easy to get started

Immediate results

No hardware changes required

No paperwork or licensing required

Flexible Drop-In options

Superior diesel performance

Up to 94% reduction in new GHG

who we are

Green Flash is a renewable fuel company based in Taiwan, operating primarily in the APAC market. We help global brands maintain their corporate ESG/CSR goals and carbon emissions reduction commitments by making HVO easily available to their local operations.

We also sell, distribute and promote HVO to local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). These companies are often struggling to find a meaningful and effective way to reduce their environmental footprint, and Green Flash offers them a perfect, scalable and easy solution.

Green Flash delivers more than just a sustainable fuel. We are partnering with a branding agency to provide you with free professional promotional and marketing materials. These custom-created materials tell the whole world about your good deeds and are an excellent way to outshine your competition.


We deliver HVO to your factory or job site, either in bulk to your existing storage facility or in our own 1,000 liter mobile IBC tank. Delivery of a 26,000 liter ISO upon request.

Our Green Flash IBC tank is ideal for low-volume users. It fully certified and sturdy enough to be mounted on a delivery vehicle or to moved by forklift. The incorporated pump unit makes it easy to deliver the fuel to your equipment.

Green Flash makes it all easy and uncomplicated. Order your HVO, drop it in the tank and start your engine. No complex carbon credit administration, no licenses or paperwork, no change to your existing equipment or operations, no expensive disruptions.

We are truly committed to a greener future and offer even more advanced, customized solutions for demanding large-volume clients, such as palm-oil free HVO, vegan HVO (no animal byproducts) and additional carbon offset options for those who want to go from 94% to 100% carbon neutral.

Up to 94% reduction

Turn your MEAN machine into a GREEN machine with HVO

additional services

Your contribution to the planet is important, and we make sure your (international) clients can see your efforts. We provide you with give you a full PR press kit, including a bilingual press release, photo material, stickers and labels and more.

With an annual contract, you get your own dedicated section on Green Flash’ international and Taiwanese websites. This contains a brief profile of your company and its environmental actions in perfect English and Chinese.


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